Introducing, the whole food vegan vitamin
Introducing, the whole food vegan vitamin
Introducing, the whole food vegan vitamin
Introducing, the whole food vegan vitamin
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Introducing, the whole food vegan vitamin

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Your body has a natural ability to extract raw nutrients from food. That’s why Mint contains vitamin D, B12, and omega 3 from whole foods. The same isn’t true of traditional vitamins. They’re stacked full of isolated nutrients you struggle to absorb. And they’re from weird sources like sheep’s wool (vitamin D) and fish liver (omega 3). Try our whole food vitamin instead — your body will thank you.

    Free shipping, subscription can be cancelled anytime

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    We're taking a different approach to supplements

    Not all supplements are equal

    Traditional and cheaper vitamins are pretty gross. They use things like:
    • Gelatin from boiled animal skin and bones.
    • Sheep’s wool for Vitamin D
    • Fish livers for Omega 3

    We’re different

    We use all vegan ingredients from high-quality sources. We get our omega 3s from the same place that fish get them, algae. Our Vitamin D is derived from lichen. Everything in our capsule is vegan, including the capsule itself.

    We give back

    Farming of animals turns lush, bio-diverse forests into fields. We use a portion of our profits to buy and preserve rainforest.

    Just 6 real food ingredients


    The germinated quinoa sprouts we use are rich in vitamin B12. Research shows that those on a vegan & vegetarian diets are especially prone to vitamin B12 deficiencies.


    Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, protein, and fibre. Studies have shown that vitamin D is often lacking in modern-day, office-workers.


    As well as being delicious, dates are good source of fibre and antioxidants. The antioxidants and fibre found in dates help to promote heart health.

    Peppermint oil

    Peppermint oil gives Mint its delicious minty taste. Traditionally it's been used to relieve GI discomfort, ease nausea, and alleviate pain.

    Chia seeds

    Chia seeds are a source of omega-3s, containing 8x more than salmon. Omega-3s can help reduce clotting and help prevent heart disease.


    Coconut is a source of omega-3s, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamins B. It also contains healthy medium-chain fatty acids, which can help support healthy brain function.

    Designed to fit your lifestyle

    Just one daily snack

    No more cobbling together pills, get everything you need from real food

    Take at any time

    Because Mint is food you don't have to worry about pairing it with meals

    Sustainable packaging

    We've chosen green packaging to minimise our environmental footprint

    We Care


    I love that these are environmentally friendly and vegan. They smell great and give me exactly what I am looking for. Love the ingredients.


    I got some blood work back saying I was low in some nutrients and found these. I don't like taking a lot of pills so this is perfect. All the essentials once a day!


    Gives me peace of mind that I am getting the vitamins and minerals I need! No nausea or aftertaste unlike vitamins I've taken in the. past.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the subscription work?

    To make your life easier you have the option to subscribe to Mint. When you subscribe we'll send your pills in a glass bottle that you keep. Every 30 days we'll send your top-ups in a compostable pouch.

    We’ll send you an email each month, a few days before we charge you and ship your next pack. You’re free to rush or delay an order, or cancel your subscription, at any time, right from your account page. You’re in control.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Canceling your subscription is easy and you can do it any time.

    Log in to your account by clicking the person icon in the top right of your screen. From there, click 'Billing' and then hit the 'Cancel Subscription' button. Finally, click 'Confirm' to cancel your subscription. We'll miss you!

    What is your shipping policy?

    We only ship to the mainland US and the UK. We hope to add more locations in the near future, but for now we only accept orders from these locations.

    Shipping is 100% free.

    What is your return policy?

    You can return unopened packs up to 30 days after receiving them. You pay the return cost of shipping.

    To get started with a return email our team on

    Is the packaging sustainable?

    Yes. Eating less meat is already a win for the environment. We want to make sure we're not adding to the problem.

    The cardboard in your packages is recycled and recyclable. When you subscribe we'll send you a keep bottle and send top-ups in a compostable pouch.

    How should I take these?

    Take one a day at a time that works for you. Our formula is designed to not cause nausea but to make extra sure we recommend you take your vitamin with food.

    We take ours after breakfast!

    Do these vitamins have a fishy taste?

    No. If you've tried other vegan vitamins you might have experienced a fishy taste right away or have it repeat on you later (not a good surprise!).

    Mint is different. The minty flavour isn't there to mask any underlying fishy stench. It tastes good!